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Make Google your customer – SEO for businesses

Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to the process of optimising your website and web pages to for search engines to rank your website as high as possible. Needless to say, this is critical for businesses. To many small and medium business owners, SEO is...

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WordPress plugin – Typography Helper

For the typography enthusiasts we have developed a simple but very useful Wordpress plugin, Typography Helper. This plugin fixes often made errors and prepares the text for better typographic layout. Functions: Set abbreviation span: Any combination of uppercase...

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Speed matters

Do you know how fast your website loads? You may have tested it on your own computer but how representative is that? Your page loading time is dependent on several factors, but the main contributing factors are the quality of the web design and the hosting package...

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Quick tip – Google My Business

Getting to the top of Google search should be every website's objective. There are many factors that affect this, some you have control over and some that you don't. One thing that is often overlooked by small enterprises is Google My Business. With this free service,...

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Free tutorials

There are currently 40 continuously updated, high quality, video user manuals for WordPress on topics such as using the visual editor, creating links and embedding media. Select a category from this page to view a list of available videos. Each page contains a set of...

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Good work pays off

We had the pleasure of working with Jeremy Carter and Vegard Sivertsen of Cirrus Assessment on their new website. Cirrus is a young company founded by Jeremy and Vegard, both well establisehed names in the e-assessment industry. Cirrus is an end to end assessment...

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A new look

We've just updated our own website and hope you like it. The change was driven by the desire to focus just on our key services, our recent work and news. We also will introduce a tutorial section soon. Stay tuned.

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