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For the typography enthusiasts we have developed a simple but very useful WordPress plugin, Typography Helper.

This plugin fixes often made errors and prepares the text for better typographic layout.


  • Set abbreviation span: Any combination of uppercase letters and numerals will be enveloped in a < abbr > tag
  • Add kerning class; Wa and To letter combinations are given a ‘kern’ class so they can be easily targeted with stylesheets
  • Hard spacing numbers and text; the space following a number and preceding text will be hard spaced
  • Replace dots for ellipsis; any series of dots following a word will be replaced by an ellipsis
  • Em dashes for en dashes; any en dash surrounded by space will be replaced with an em dash
  • Remove double spaces

There are no settings – all you need to do is install the plugin in the usual way.

Download: typography-helper